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The Web Development Process

Jacob McKinney
21 Nov 2014

I've been doing website development for 15 years and in that time I've found that following a simple process helps me provide a better service and end product for my customers. This starts with a meeting, where we discuss your needs, which will end with a quote for the requested service, in this case the design and development of a website. This quote will also outline any requirements for you, the client, to provide for your project with the acceptance of the quote. Once the quote is accepted, we will design the entire project. After a sign-off, we'll start the development of your website. Upon completion, we'll provide you any training or knowledge you need to manage your site. We'll also be here anytime you have questions moving forward. This allows us to spend less time with questions and more time working, which also allows us to produce your website faster.

When we start any project, the initial meeting really is the most important. This allows us to truly understand you and your business. This insight allows us to make sure that the mood and feeling that you expect for your website to be accurate. Personally, I love meeting every person I work with and love learning about what you do. By the end of this meeting, I have a really good idea what the solution is for your website. This produces a quote that outlines everything we'll be doing for you. This outline will also detail any images, content, domain and hosting access that will also be required for your website to go live. When you accept our quote, it'll lock in your project with us and we'll start on the design process. Once we've completed the design process and your design has been approved, we'll continue. This step makes sure that you're getting exactly what you're expecting for your website. I like to explain that everything you expect to see on your website will be visually displayed within the mock-ups we provide you. If its not there, it doesn't exist- this is so you can make sure we haven't missed anything.

This brings us to our development stage. At this point we'll develop the front and back-end programming. We'll put your website up online at a sub-folder under our own so you can see what we're doing while we do it. As we start our development, we'll also integrate our SEO. This'll help make sure that once the search engines start crawling your website that it is indexed correctly for its content. We feel that this is a service that should be included with any web development service but is often excluded. You'll even find that other web development companies want more money to provide you this service. At the completion of the development of your website, we'll transfer the code to your hosting account and setup any databases and install any SSL's that you need. We'll also get you setup with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to you can watch the progress of your website growing. Once this is complete, we'll train you on using your website's admin panel and explain how we've targeted your SEO. We'll also go over additional things that you can do to assist your website and its ranking with search engines.

I truly stand behind this process and how it helps eliminate errors and issues with your project. From meeting, to quote, design, then development, and finally training to help you understand it all. No back and forth, no years of development, and no extra fluff or sales pressure. And we'll still be here after to assist you with growth or any additional needs you may have moving forward.

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